Tuesday, 16 April 2013

In case you didn't know...

...I'm slightly obsessed with picnics. I think all food should be consumed whilst relaxing on a blanket, daydreaming and overlooking a beautiful view. But hey, that's just my opinion! So it goes without saying that any opportunity to do just that does not go unnoticed! We found a spot by the water and lazed all afternoon feasting on brown sugar pear tarts and sipping cider. Ah - bliss!

Adventures by the River

A humble stroll down the road to the banks of the Swan River always holds the promise of a beautiful experience. 
Fishing rod in hand, we made our way down to the jetty to try our luck at catching dinner. The skies were a very welcome grey and the river was glassy and calm...sometimes a place is so beautiful, there is no need to style anything! My job was done and all I could do was try and capture our glorious surroundings. 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Autumn Days

Although it has still been quite warm here, I can't shake the feeling that cooler weather is looming. Today we have finally received some welcome rain and the air is chilly...it's starting to feel a lot like Autumn. Time to relax with some leftover Easter chocolate and a good read x

The things I do for fun...some pics of late

Sometimes I read, cook or go for walks in my spare time but one of my favourite things to do is muck around with everyday objects in the home and put together little vignettes...here are some from the previous month or so. The challenge is finding new ways to display all of my bits and bobs which I collect on my journeys. 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

a cake, a birthday & a project...

Yesterday was Doug's birthday and every year I make him the same cake. A banana caramel cake with mascarpone frosting & caramel sauce...a treat to be enjoyed annually on a special day. So to display this birthday dessert I decided to make a pedestal stand, which is so easy and cheap that anyone can make it and you will get such great use out of it because it's so versatile. 

Not long ago we were strolling through Bunnings Warehouse and I noticed the furniture feet which are made from raw pine and available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Inspiration hit me! They range from about $4 - $8 each and I only needed three to make two stands. The next step was looking for something to use as the dish or plate. You could use any sort of crockery but in the craft section at the hardware store I found some blank timber plaques which only cost $3.50 each. SO now in my basket I have three pine furniture feet, two timber plaques, spray paint and non toxic craft paint. 

The next part is just as easy, simply paint them your desired colours and glue or screw together. I wanted to have a natural timber look to one of the bases so I made a timber stain using watercolour paint. You could use regular store bought stain but for this purpose you simply don't need a whole tin. 

We had a great birthday celebration with handmade decorations, nibbles and the banana caramel cake all displayed beautifully on the pedestal stands. 

You will also see the stand in my previous post. I used it to add some height to our picnic at Rottnest Island. 

Have fun crafting!